My current research interests are anchored in a few ongoing projects:

The Global Edunomics Index (launched in 2016, see PDF here).

The GEI is an initiative launched by 3/1 Global Research to measure and assess the intersection between education, economics and investment. Our research is specifically directed toward the global education and investment communities to help make sense of the world’s rapid development of human capital and to measure how countries rise and fall based on a selection of critical performance measures.

We examine a few key questions: How do educational achievement and skills impact an individual country’s economic growth trajectory, the quality and sustainability of its companies, its competitive positioning, risk profile and the potential returns to investors? Which countries offer the most and least attractive environment for investment into human capital, education and related technology industries, and how is this changing over time?Where should stakeholders look for the next set of emerging opportunities?

PeplWorks (in betaview here)

I recently co-founded PeplWorks, a social venture that uses behavioral science and predictive analytics to decode human potential and facilitate the most productive matches between people and work, as well as identifying the areas of skills and professional training necessary to improve this fit.

We are currently running a series of Enterprise initiatives with companies in the US and internationally.  If you wish to participate in these surveys to dramatically improve employee turnover and business performance, please contact me at


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