Why Edunomics?

Edunomic Returns is an open source blog and data analysis project written and curated by Todd Maurer.  It was designed to help readers better understand the deepening relationship between education, economic development and investment with a particular focus on emerging economies.  Ideas and op-eds from the blog have been featured in major media such as BloombergAssociated Press, Washington Post, BBC News, Chronicle of Higher Education, EdSurge, Inside Higher Education, ICEF Monitor, University World News and other platforms.

Why “edunomics”?  In the 21st century human capital is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of sustainable, equitable and robust economic growth. From China’s rebalancing toward innovation to the number of students leaving Nigeria’s shores to study abroad, today’s global brain race is being driven by new ideas, enabling technologies, partnership networks, media platforms and cost competitiveness.

With global education spending estimated at close to US$8 trillion–and the private sector playing an increasingly critical role–the opportunities around the developing world are immense, but so are the challenges.


I’ve spent my entire career in emerging markets–and primarily Asia–which included over 12 years living and working in the region since 1991.  This followed post-graduate studies at Beijing and Nanjing Universities which I began in July, 1989, exactly one month after the Tianamen Square protests in China.  To borrow words fromUS Secretary State Dean Acheson, I was “present at the creation” of capital markets in China and the frenetic run-up in investment, privatization, FDI and multinational M&A activity leading to the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997.  Through this time, and since, I have worked across various

professional roles including as an economist, corporate consultant, investment banker, and research analyst.

After witnessing various growth cycles across emerging economies my geographic and industry focus has narrowed to include education and human capital industries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Today, I run a research firm that works with clients across private and public sectors in these areas and recently founded PeplWorks, a company that applies predictive analytics to labor markets and workforce development.

I have included a brief background below on my work in emerging economies, both as an analyst and practitioner.  I’ve lived and worked around Asia for well over two decades and conducted analytical, M&A advisory and investment work across the Asian region as well as Central Asia and Africa, mainly in the areas of education and knowledge industries.

Here is a more formal background brief:

Todd Maurer is a leading emerging market specialist and Chief Strategist at 3/1 Global Research, a firm that provides a more data-intensive approach to emerging market business development, with a particular focus on Asia.  He is also CEO of PeplWorks, a predictive analytics start-up focused on labor markets and President at Versatile PhD.  For over two decades he has represented client engagements and principal investments across global emerging markets through a range of research, analytics, strategy and M&A expertise.  His firm has represented clients ranging from leading multinational to mid-market firms, start-ups, Universities and global investment funds.

Todd is also a Partner with Educated Ventures LLC, an early stage investors in education technology. He was previously Vice President of Corporate Development for Asia at Apollo Global, a joint venture education investment company formed in 2007 by Apollo Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: APOL) and Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG), with operations in 14 countries. Prior to this he was a Partner at Lotus Asset Management Limited, a Hong Kong-based hedge fund and alternative investment firm, where he ran investment research across Asia. He spent his first decade in Asia working in senior corporate finance and equity research positions at Peregrine Investments Holdings Limited, based in Beijing, Seoul and Hong Kong, and brings deep transaction experience throughout the Asia-Pacific. He began his career as a trade economist with KOTRA, a Korean government agency.

You can view my full profile here.

I can also be found on Twitter 


Unless otherwise noted, all work on this site is that of Todd Maurer and credit should be given as such.  Mr. Maurer assumes no responsibility for losses, monetary or otherwise, resulting from the publication of his work.  For more information, please contact info@threeoneglobal.com.

See Disclosures for more information.


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